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Rivers could be second after Payton Manning in 2010 NFL MVP

If we talk about the 2010 NFL MVP favorite then the first name that comes to our mind is of Payton Manning, and certainly Philip Rives may be named very close to second place.

Rivers is in the midst of all-time great season. To his credit counts 2,9944 passing yards in 9 games. This performance has put him on tract to throw for 5,234 yards and he has broken single-season record of Dan Marino. Rivers has a 19-8 touchdown-interception ratio.

The Chargers’ quarterback has posted 102.9 passer rating and 8.9-yard average and has five 300-yard games with 7 multi-score outings.

Norv Turner, head coach said, “”I’ve been with some guys that wouldn’t be handling this situation the way he’s handled it… There’s some guys that play that position that would have a tough time when they’re down to their seventh or eighth receiver. They’re throwing to guys that they haven’t had many reps with, and all he does is make it work.”

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Rivers minus receivers this weekend

In the last two years Philip Rivers led the league in yards per attempt and he also adjusted yards per attempt. So, arguably he is known as the best QB in the league, statistically.

Philip Rivers has also been ranked in the two seasons as top 2 in adjusted net yards per attempt, including the sack data. Even the game is declining, he has made his club’s offense elite with Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates in many plays.

Last year, the passing attack of Chargers were good in yards per attempt, net yards per attempt, adjusted yards per attempt and adjusted net yards per attempt. The team also had topped the charts in 2009 in yards per completion. Floyd and Jackson averaged more than seventeen yards per catch. Seemed like Philip Rivers, Gates, Jackson and Floyd were too dangerous in any of the leagues then.

Now, what happened? Philiv Rivers does ranks top in adjusted net yards per attempt this season, but this is the only one for the club. Jackson did not play this season. Floyd, in his place, gained 498 receiving yards in the first 5 weeks this season, but got injured after this and dropped from the matches till now. Even Gates got injured and need to stay out this Sunday.

So, Rivers minus these players this weekend.

Many players in Chargers not fit

Last Christmas San Diego won the game against Tennessee by 42-17 in Nashville. This time will the same game replay?

Need to also consider the changes that have taken place. There has been a spate of injuries in the Chargers. Only two days are left for the game at Qualcomm Stadium. In the practice only Patrick Crayton and Seyi Ajirotutu were seen fully. The others, Malcom Floyd, Buster Davis, Legedu Naanee and Richard Goodman either did limited practice or did not practice at all.

Philip Rivers said, “I think we’ve handled it well, to be honest with you.. The thing we need to get squared away is protecting the ball. That’s the most important factor. From a pass game standpoint, from a confidence with each other, I don’t see any hesitation or any problem.”

Norv Turner, the head coach of Chargers said that he would like all the players to be healthy and able to hand-pick reliable players to get the ball. He also wants Philip Rivers to utilize all the eligible, open targets.

Patriots dominated the game against Chargers

The New England Patriots played smart game this season. They won on Sunday by 4-1 against San Diego. They were, in the AFC East, 5-1, but not before a Chargers rally in the fourth quarter fell short in the tying field goal attempt that hit the crossbar.

Throughout the first half of the game, the Patriots were outgained. They dominated second half’s early part and took the advantage of sloppy play. With the mistakes by the Chargers, the Patriots secured a 23-20 victory on Sunday afternoon at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.

Chargers, on the other side, struggled. They faces a false start penalty also that forced Kris Brown’s tying try with 23 seconds. The ball bounced off the right post.

The last three games of the Patriots were victories and now they are no more overlooked as it was the case before the season. They led by ten points at halftime. Some of the mistakes of the Chargers were unforced. Those were just silly ones.

Chargers could have won against Seahawks

The San Diego Chargers could have defeated the Seattle Seahawks recently instead the opponent winning with 27-20. There are dozen reasons to it.

First, the San Diego Chargers could have tackled Leon Washington. Failure to it resulted in two touchdowns on kickoff returns.

Quarterback Philip Rivers failed to time his last throw, which he could easily do it. Rivers was sending the ball to Legedu Naanee, but Earl Thomas of Seattle cut in front of him. The Seattle Seahawks had to run only one play in order to get the 2nd win in the 3 tries.

The Chargers failed to maintain all these, but still they lost only by 7 points.

Philip Rivers said, “It’s hard to say (we) should have (won)… I mean, yeah, I think we should have, but should-have, would-have and could-have. We got down in there and had a penalty here and there.”

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