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Rivers minus receivers this weekend

In the last two years Philip Rivers led the league in yards per attempt and he also adjusted yards per attempt. So, arguably he is known as the best QB in the league, statistically.

Philip Rivers has also been ranked in the two seasons as top 2 in adjusted net yards per attempt, including the sack data. Even the game is declining, he has made his club’s offense elite with Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates in many plays.

Last year, the passing attack of Chargers were good in yards per attempt, net yards per attempt, adjusted yards per attempt and adjusted net yards per attempt. The team also had topped the charts in 2009 in yards per completion. Floyd and Jackson averaged more than seventeen yards per catch. Seemed like Philip Rivers, Gates, Jackson and Floyd were too dangerous in any of the leagues then.

Now, what happened? Philiv Rivers does ranks top in adjusted net yards per attempt this season, but this is the only one for the club. Jackson did not play this season. Floyd, in his place, gained 498 receiving yards in the first 5 weeks this season, but got injured after this and dropped from the matches till now. Even Gates got injured and need to stay out this Sunday.

So, Rivers minus these players this weekend.


Comment from L. Morrow
Time: October 8, 2012, 6:48 pm

Great job Philip. I’m not even a Chargers fan, but I have to get you credit for your skill set. Great poise and vision in the pocket, and knowing where your receivers to going to be. I’m sure it was a huge set back in losing Spruel to the saints. However, there is a suitable replacement, now playing at Murray State University. His name is Jordan Morrow #22. Elusive, real football speed, and great hands.

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